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Harry illustrates life by an empty music sheet, which is yours to fill in with your own notes. These moments are to be enjoyed, cherished and celebrated!


Harry believes that positive change starts with people who stay true to their own tune. By being true to yourself and taking good care of yourself you are also better able to take care of the world around you. Therefore Harry inspires people from all over the world to find their tune.

A tune is a collection of moments in your life which make you feel happy and relaxed.


Harry inspires people to stay true to their tune by developing well-designed sustainable products and services. In a light-hearted way these products are iconic tools for reflection.


Harry’s tune-philosophy is introduced by a modern fairytale: ‘Find your tune’. The first Harry products are an illustrated book with this fairytale and a white Harry tank top. The white tank top is an iconic fashion item and a reminder to stray true to your own tune.


Annouk Post, Marieke vinck, Charlotte van Waes, founder the label Harry

Since 2007

It all started with the story of Harry, when Harry gives his granddaughter an important life lesson along with a white tank top on her seventh birthday. This story was first written by Annouk Post (YOI) in 2007.  Her granddad’s name was Harrie (a Dutch Harry) and he passed away when Annouk was 8 years old. Although he wasn’t an iconic jazz singer (like Harry in the fairytale) he did inspire her to find her tune.

In the summer of 2010 Annouk told the story of Harry to Marieke Vinck (who also happened to have a granddad named Harrie) and Charlotte van Waes (Charlie + Mary), who decided to get involved with the ‘Harry revolution’ in an instance. The three ladies share a passion for fashion and have been pioneering in the field of sustainable and ethical fashion since 2004. They are on a mission to get ethical fashion out of the niche and make it more mainstream. Besides that they realize, as being children of generation Y,  how important it is to slow down sometimes, tune in and learn from successes and downfalls of generations before them.

The three of them dived into Harry’s world and lots of Jazz records, Jazz cafes, and a few whiskeys later they founded ‘Harry’ the label, but maybe even more ‘Harry’ the movement. A movement which connects an universally recognizable and important theme for everyone, ‘Happiness’, with a sustainable lifestyle and taking care of the world around you.

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