New: Limited Edition Harry Jumpers!

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Hi Folks, we hope you enjoyed 2015 to the fullest and that you are ready for a new adventurous and exciting year. A Very Harry 2016 to all of you and your loved ones. 

Since the Harry tank-top  is almost out of stock we want to surprise you with something new! A Limited Edition of Harry Jumpers! Pre-order your own very soft, comfy organic cotton jumper before 14 January 2016 and receive it on your doormat first week of February 2016.

When Harry met Abel

Almost a year ago to the date, we met the people behind Amsterdam perfume house Abel, whose 100% organic perfumes are literally good enough to eat! Unable to find a perfume that smelt and looked great, Amsterdam based New Zealander Frances Schoemack (with the help of her husband Dave) decided to create one.

To celebrate #organicseptember, Abel and Harry meet again!

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Invest in your friends, save some money!

Annouk is one of the three founders of Harry and on this blog she shares the moments when she feels in tune. A little while ago she spend some precious quality time with her friends. They took off to Zeeland, province in the south of the Netherlands, for a long weekend near the pretty dunes and beach. And all of this was possible because these friends decided to start investing money in their friendship a few years ago….

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Roel is tuning in Vietnam

Harry spotted Roel Fooij on Facebook wearing his Harry tank top while tuning in to Vietnam for a month. We asked him how he was doing and if he liked to share his tune with us. Roel wrote us back with a beautiful poetic story about sensing this country, exploring its tastes and trying to grasp the soul of its people.

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Charlie’s tune: going for a morning run

Charlie is one of the founders of Harry and together with her friend Mary she also runs true fashion company Charlie + Mary. Every week she shares the things she does that make her feel in tune on her instagram feed and on Harry’s blog.  One of the things that make her feel happy is starting her mornings with a run….. no matter which city she travels too, she always brings her running shoes! 

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Harry’s ‘Wall of tunes’ travels to brand new store Daily Poetry in ‘s-Hertogenbosch


There’s a new shop in the town of ’s-Hertogenbosch ladies & gentlemen, and it’s awesome! It’s called Daily poetry and it brings you just that; poetry is captured in the beautiful products stocked, and breathing from the shop walls in this beautiful light space in de Vughterstraat. And guess who else is on their shop walls…. Yep! It’s Harry, spreading his tune philosophy with the ‘Wall of tunes’ exhibition.  Continue reading Harry’s ‘Wall of tunes’ travels to brand new store Daily Poetry in ‘s-Hertogenbosch

‘Wall of tunes’ at Dutch Design Week

Having a cup of tea in a clean bed, dancing with my boyfriend in our living room and listening to music from the 50’s and 60’s.  These are just a few beautiful notes people shared with the label Harry, for the ‘WALL OF TUNES’ exhibition. The photography exhibition ‘WALL OF TUNES’ portraits people from different backgrounds and ages who share ‘their tune’, and will be travelling to Eindhoven for the Dutch Design Week (18-26th October). The portraits are made by photographer Dim Balsem.

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