Launch party in Harry’s jazzy gallery club

It’s Official; Harry’s label has been launched last week on April 10th, in the Charlie + Mary concept store in Amsterdam, now also known as Harry’s Gallery Club.

After entering the Jazz club and sipping delicious and beautifully designed  by the Bucketshakers the label was officially launched. Harry’s first gift was handed to DJ Nuno dos Santos; now that’s someone who knows how to share tunes!  Nuno unwrapped the package with in it Harry’s iconic white tank top made by People Tree and with ‘Harry’ stitched on the chest, accompanied by Harry’s illustrated urban fairytale.

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Send a free Valentine’s card

Life is like an empty music sheet. You fill in your own notes (moments in life that make you feel happy and relaxed), together these compose a tune.  If you stay true to your tune you will end up with a collection of beautiful melodies.

Often these melodies are shared with people. Wanna sent that special person who makes you feel in tune a postcard for Valentine’s day?

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Find your tune.

Every person has his or her own notes, which stand for moments or things that make you happy in life. Together these notes make up a tune. Find your tune = do what makes you happy.

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