Harry’s tote bag by Päälä

Untitled-1Harry is happy that you all love the ‘Don’t worry be Harry’ bag. Here’s a reason why to love it just a little bit more! Because the production of this bag is very much in tune.

Harry’s tote bag is produced by the Amsterdam based company Päälä. Each and every Päälä product is silkscreened by hand in their Amsterdam-based studio. The designs are printed with waterbased inks that have little environmental impact. The ‘Don’t worry be Harry’ print is printed on organic cotton.

You can buy Harry’s bag in the Gallery Club in the Charlie + Mary concept store or order it online.




morentzHarry loves beautiful and sustainable design and is proud to have found the perfect ‘partner in tune’ to share thoughts about all this stuff with. Because these guys are  the best ‘design collectors’ out there, it’s the guys from MORENTZ.

MORENTZ collects design classics from all over the world, these are dutifully restored and often reupholstered to their former glory by our specialised experts. MORENTZ conceives, sketches and designs projects such as private homes, offices and public spaces.  The company is situated about an hour’s drive from Amsterdam. In an area of 15.000 sqm you can explore the MORENTZ showrooms, studio, ateliers and warehouses. The pieces you’ll find are mostly in the original condition. They can be restored and reupholstered just the way you desire. Quality, comfort and durability are the keywords to the MORENTZ concept.

The awesome furniture in Harry’s gallery club? Hand picked by interior designer Timbre d’Ingrid, some items are via MORENTZ!

Fabrieknl Foto 05 Fabrieknl Foto 03


De Wolven

WolvenHarry found the perfect ‘partner in tune’ to get the Harry revolution going! When Harry & De Wolven are working together power and energy is flowing as both parties love to work on projects that inspire to create positive change!

De Wolven are like their namesakes; the wolves, bursting with vitality and hungry for the success of their partners. They combine their dynamism with pragmatism and years of experience in their PR-agency. The company is specialised in free publicity.

LeonneOne of the wolves, founder and owner Leonne van de Ven was a guest in Harry’s last ‘Share your tune’ talkshow and explained that what makes her work so special is that De Wolven work for some very nice companies and projects that really make the world a bit better.

Harry is honoured to work with these powerful lady woolfs! Check out the PR page – Thank you Wolves!

Leonne van de Ven, co-founder and owner of bureau De Wolven shares her tune 

Leonne van de Ven, born in Amsterdam, from Nistelrode, aged 41, Owner PR-agency, married, 3 children – www.dewolven.com


The moment of receiving a gift can give me a sparkle of joy because receiving is also giving.

Curious? Leonne talked more about her tune in Harry’s ‘Share your tune’ talk show 2#. You can read the report here. 


gulpenerThis beer brewing family from the very South of Holland and Harry were friends ever since their first encounter. Could have something to do with a note they share which is enjoying a delicious (organic!) beer in the sunshine…

Since 1825 the Gulpener family has been giving their heart and soul to developing extraordinary beers for people to enjoy. What is it that makes Gulpener beer so extraordinary? Gulpener is a company with a philosophy that goes beyond taste. With a clear vision on how they brew their beers and how they see the future they are sure to keep their beer brewing tradition alive by investing in the future. Producing their beers as sustainable as possible plays an important role in this.

Gulpener only uses the best locally and sustainable sound sourced ingredients. Like the hop from their own hop gardens, and the barley sourced from 50 farmers in their region, which is down south Limburg. Harry had the honour to see the beer brewery and their lovely village Gulpen a while back and it sure is stunning out there!

Anyway the natural ingredients combined with the Gulpener family recipes and enthusiasm of the people working at Gulpener result in 16 different beers all rich in character. Gulpener beer is made for the true bon vivant who appreciates the pure taste of their beer. Gulpener beer is made with love for you to enjoy and to toast to life; to today, to tomorrow, to all the beautiful moments which are yet to come, to the Future, Cheers!

Schermafbeelding 2014-05-12 om 10.36.35

jan-paul-ruttenJan Paul Rutten, the 8th generation beer brewer in the family shares his tune

Jan Paul Rutten from Mheer, born in Gulpen, aged 39, 8th generation beer brewer and director at Gulpener, married and 3 children; Doortje, Bram en Merel.  www.gulpener.nl


Enjoying a beer in the sun – Playing with my children – Having dinner with my wife Alice

Guest in Harry’s Talkshow May 22nd

Jan Paul is one of the guests in Harry’s upcoming talkshow Share your tune. More info via Facebook event.

ASN Bank

10339416_223980531145538_7293138831602665529_oOne of Harry’s partners in tune is the most awesome bank Harry knows; the ASN Bank. The ASN Bank helps to promote a sustainable society. A bank where you pay, save and invest with respect for people , the environment and climate.

Since the bank was founded in 1960, ASN Bank aims for a sustainable, equitable society. A society in which people are free to make their own choices, without harming others. A society without poverty, in which everyone can attend school and has good housing facilities and health care within their reach.

The ASN Bank’s economic actions aim to have a positive influence on tomorrow’s world. Harry is proud to be supported by the ASN Bank.

talkshowAsceline Groot, guest in Harry’s talkshow May 22nd

Thursday May 22nd Asceline Groot, Senior advisor external and internal communications at the ASN Bank, will join Harry’s second Share your tune talkshow. In this talkshow Asceline will share her thoughts on working for the ASN Bank and why this is part of her tune. Of course Harry is also curious about the other notes in Asceline’s tune.

Her colleague Irene de Jong, employee sustainability policy & research at the ASN Bank shared her tune for the exhibition Wall of tunes.

Irene from Amsterdam, aged 29, lives together with Woelie the blind cat.


Love – Sun – My sister & parents – Enjoying nature – the voice of David Attenborough – Animals – Rock climbing – Horse riding – Travelling – Reading a book – Silence – Food – Listening to myself – Music & Dancing – Laughing – Friends – Doing new stuff

Sublime FM

10339416_223980531145538_7293138831602665529_oYou might have noticed that Harry loves music. And he found a great partner with whom he shares this passion. Not only his love for music though, also the love for sustainable quality. This partner in tune is a radio station with a soul and is called Sublime FM. This is a young and fresh radio station which plays jazz, funk and lounge music. The station stands for originality and pureness.

“Buckshot Lefongue, I forgot about you for a while…. Sublime FM played your music two nights ago and you hushed me to sleep. Today I play your music loud again through my speakers. A sing along feast like in 1994.”

Whether you are at work, studying or simply relaxing everyone kind of has his or her own moment to enjoy music and get inspired by it. With a broad and positive view on the world Sublime FM offers fresh jazzy sounds and Sublime news in the field of innovation, sustainability, technology, economy and culture. Tune in at Sublime FM via cable, internet, your mobile app or the ether and ENJOY!

Jasper Leunk for Wall of tunes expo

Jasper Leunk, Manager brand & strategy @ Sublime FM, shared his tune for the exhibition Wall of tunes.

Jasper Leunk from Zeist, born in Woerden, aged 34, Manager brand & strategy @ Sublime FM, living together, 3 children, jaidejavu.tumblr.com | www.sublimefm.nl


Recognizing the rush of a new situation is comforting right now and gives trust for new experiences. So before doing something new I just don’t get anxious but embrace the rush and just hang in there – Completely in tune






Friend in tune: IdeaLists

annemiekYou might have noticed that Harry loves to work together with awesome people and organizations. One of them is IdeaLists, who helped Harry in finding the right partners in tune! IdeaLists creates and produces communication concepts with a heart. For organizations with a heart. They love to make concepts for fundraising, raising awareness or other good causes, by matching ideals of organizations with ideas of creative minds.

The creatives are dedicated specialists in the field of campaigns, (web) design, video, photography, copy, events and social media. Coordinator Annemiek Tigchelaar sets up a dream team per project and guides the process.  And… she loves coffee dates. So feel free to contact her for that.

ideaLists A

Annemiek Tigchelaar for the ‘Wall of tunes’ exhibition

Annemiek Tigchelaar, founder and coordinator for IdeaLists shared her tune for the expo Wall of tunes.

Annemiek Tigchelaar from Amsterdam, born in Hallum, aged 32, Owner Idealists, ‘Strong concepts for a lovely world’, www.IdeaLists.nl


To be in the present moment & feel real music – create good stuff together – laugh – watch tiki-taka – get inspired by others – eat with hands – kick some ass – walk the dog – be around loved ones – jump around – interact with strangers – see positive change in the world

Production tank top by People Tree

We are very happy and honoured to work with People Tree, as the CEO and founder of this amazing UK based label Safia Minney is as much of an inspiration to us (The Harry team) as Harry was to Anna. She is our example in working in ethical fashion (one of the very important notes all three of us have in our tune!) as she has shown and sets a big example, that it is certainly possible to make changes in the fashion industry for the better in a positive way.

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