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Charlie’s tune: going for a morning run

Charlie is one of the founders of Harry and together with her friend Mary she also runs true fashion company Charlie + Mary. Every week she shares the things she does that make her feel in tune on her instagram feed and on Harry’s blog.  One of the things that make her feel happy is starting her mornings with a run….. no matter which city she travels too, she always brings her running shoes! 

I’m quite a morning person and like to start the day with a running session. 

I love cities when they’re waking up; the sleepy people on their way to work, runners right and left of me in a different speed, dog walkers who look like there dogs and the garbage men cleaning the city to be ready for another beautiful day! 

It doesn’t matter where I’m going, I always take my running shoes with me. Two weeks ago I was running along the Hudson River while visiting New York and this morning when running along the Amstel I suddenly got a flashback to this city. The few high buildings at the end of the Amstel remembered me of the huge skyline of NY. It made me realise how lucky I am to be able to make all these trips and never should forget to enjoy this to the fullest. 

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