eventsAre you organising an event, symposium, party of whatsoever? And in search for an original story from the heart, an inspirational presentation or dynamic workshop? Do not hesitate to contact the Harry Team and talk with us about the possibilities! We already designed an unique workshop and visual presentation. And we love to tune in to your particular questions and wishes too.

Harry’s founders, Annouk Post (also see YOI) and Marieke Vinck + Charlotte van Waes (also see Charlie+Mary) gained a great deal of experience in trainings, presentations and workshops in the field of sustainable trends and fashion. They love to express and combine this with Harry’s tune-philosophy.

Harry’s Tune-Inspiratie workshop

During the ‘Share your tune’ workshop Harry takes you on a personal ‘awareness’ journey. In a creative way you will think about, and give expression to the things in life that are important to you. Together with the other participants you design your own tune, your reminder to stay true to yourself!

Harry’s tune talks

An inspiration talk about the Harry revolution, entrepreneurship and a conscious and sustainable lifestyle. An original story from the heart with alluring visuals.

Harry event-concepts and production

Haven’t you heard? Harry loves to organise parties and events with an original concept. Harry teams up with DJ’s, other creative souls/partners and likes to design creative food + drinks experiences. And yes, the more organic + fair, the more fun! After the successful Harry’s Whiskey Event, Harry’s Launch Party , Harry’s Dance Event and Harrry’s’ Share your tune’ Talk Shows the Harry Team is happy to be your partner in tune for an wicked event. Your audience will like Harry – their special guest- , we promise!

More information? Ask Marieke Vinck – +31(0)614198064