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About meditation breaks

Mary is one of the founders of Harry and together with her friend Charlie she also runs true fashion company Charlie + Mary. On this blog she shares the things she does to stay in tune. Last week she found a way to re-introduce meditation breaks into her days. 

Meditation is something I only got into quite recently. Out of curiosity I took a few ‘lessons’ or attended practice is how I should call it I believe. And although it took a few breaths and hummms to get over the awkwardness I very much enjoyed it. And it is like a lot of gurus promise, it makes you feel more in tune and aware and all that. For some reason though, I didn’t continue doing it and forgot about taking meditation breaks.

A week ago I came across an app called Calm, which promises to get you into a meditation flow in seven days really easy. Because I kinda needed some tuning in I decided to give meditation another try. In stead of snoozing when waking up I opened the Calm app, sat up (still in bed under my duvet) and tuned in for 10 minutes. A kind voice guides you through the practice and helps you to stay focussed on your breath, while explaining things about patience, acceptance and listening to you.  And… yep got to admit it did make me feel better already. ANd it made me realise that for me this is something which makes me feel more in tune so the meditation breaks are definitely back on my do-for-me list.

For everyone these things work differently but if you want to give meditation a try ‘Calm’ is a really easy acces method to start with.

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