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Harry @ festival surfen & diving

Where do you look for meaning? Do you dive deeply into books and spirituality? Or do you find it by surfing across the crests of the waves all around you? Does one cancel the other out, or is superficiality the new profundity?

Be inspired and join us on November 7th 14.15-18.00 in Zwolle at festival SURFING & DIVING organized by ArtEZ Studium Generale. During SURFING & DIVING we’ll be clearing a path through our super-fast lives and joining artists and thinkers from the realms of art, science and society in their search for depth and happiness. Visit Harry at the Surfen Gallery Club for some tune inspiration! More info read here.

The Diving Academy and the Surfing Gallery

The Diving Academy and the Surfing Gallery are interdisciplinary and are free for everyone. The two programmes will begin at the same time, the Diving Academy in the Grote Zaal (programme ends around 5 p.m.) and the Surfing Gallery Club in the Bovenfoyer of Regardz (end at 6.00 p.m.).You can switch between the two programmes during the ‘switch moments’ that have been included in the Diving Academy programme.Click for the descriptions of all the contributions in the Diving Academy and the Surfing Gallery Club.

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Early Bird Rave

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Harry’s favorite DJ’s DJ La Vondèl & DJ Some Chemistry are sharing their tune in the morning during the Early Bird Rave! This show is for students only but we will let you know how this morning party was!