Invest in your friends, save some money!

Annouk is one of the three founders of Harry and on this blog she shares the moments when she feels in tune. A little while ago she spend some precious quality time with her friends. They took off to Zeeland, province in the south of the Netherlands, for a long weekend near the pretty dunes and beach. And all of this was possible because these friends decided to start investing money in their friendship a few years ago….

One of us, Floor moved to Paris years ago to marry a French guy who we call ‘Croissant’. Why..? Because we were a bit jealous of course when she left us :-) … But after a while we got over it and now we are also deeply in love with Croissant who also gave Floor some mini Croissants. Although Annemiek, Christiaan, Janneke and me all live in Amsterdam we always say we see another way to little. I am sure you will recognise this right?

Well, than we might have a great idea for you! Why not put away some euro’s on a monthly base and save for an awesome weekend away and quality time with your friends? We opened a special bank account for this, yes really… And every month each one of us automatically transfers 7,50 Euro’s to account . And you know what, it feels so good to see those euries disappearing from your own bank account every time. It is a little reminder to keep investing in your friends and it seems that besides love and time, also money can do a great job!

 by Annouk

invest friends

Besides Harry, Annouk works on different projects in sustainable fashion and design (YOI).