Kissing apples in the Big Apple…

Annouk is one of the three founders of Harry and on this blog she shares the moments when she feels in tune and how she deals with moments when she isn’t. When she was visiting New York recently she found herself almost kissing a huge pile of green apples at some point…

“How was the Big Apple?” friends keep asking me since I’m back home in Amsterdam. Honestly? Well, at some point I found myself almost kissing a huge pile of green apples. Why? Well, without sounding too negative or ungrateful, I felt deeply overwhelmed some moments … Besides the lovely people I’ve met and the inspiring places I’ve visited, I have to admit that staying in tune, was sometimes a big challenge to me. At some point it felt like being stuck in a noisy hurricane of traffic and city sounds and the only place I could find some peace of mind was at an organic supermarket.

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image: A shopper at Whole Foods in Washington, DC. (Photo by Bonnie Jo Mount/The Washington Post)

Besides Harry, Annouk works on different projects in sustainable fashion and design (YOI).