De Wolven

WolvenHarry found the perfect ‘partner in tune’ to get the Harry revolution going! When Harry & De Wolven are working together power and energy is flowing as both parties love to work on projects that inspire to create positive change!

De Wolven are like their namesakes; the wolves, bursting with vitality and hungry for the success of their partners. They combine their dynamism with pragmatism and years of experience in their PR-agency. The company is specialised in free publicity.

LeonneOne of the wolves, founder and owner Leonne van de Ven was a guest in Harry’s last ‘Share your tune’ talkshow and explained that what makes her work so special is that De Wolven work for some very nice companies and projects that really make the world a bit better.

Harry is honoured to work with these powerful lady woolfs! Check out the PR page – Thank you Wolves!

Leonne van de Ven, co-founder and owner of bureau De Wolven shares her tune 

Leonne van de Ven, born in Amsterdam, from Nistelrode, aged 41, Owner PR-agency, married, 3 children – www.dewolven.com


The moment of receiving a gift can give me a sparkle of joy because receiving is also giving.

Curious? Leonne talked more about her tune in Harry’s ‘Share your tune’ talk show 2#. You can read the report here.