gulpenerThis beer brewing family from the very South of Holland and Harry were friends ever since their first encounter. Could have something to do with a note they share which is enjoying a delicious (organic!) beer in the sunshine…

Since 1825 the Gulpener family has been giving their heart and soul to developing extraordinary beers for people to enjoy. What is it that makes Gulpener beer so extraordinary? Gulpener is a company with a philosophy that goes beyond taste. With a clear vision on how they brew their beers and how they see the future they are sure to keep their beer brewing tradition alive by investing in the future. Producing their beers as sustainable as possible plays an important role in this.

Gulpener only uses the best locally and sustainable sound sourced ingredients. Like the hop from their own hop gardens, and the barley sourced from 50 farmers in their region, which is down south Limburg. Harry had the honour to see the beer brewery and their lovely village Gulpen a while back and it sure is stunning out there!

Anyway the natural ingredients combined with the Gulpener family recipes and enthusiasm of the people working at Gulpener result in 16 different beers all rich in character. Gulpener beer is made for the true bon vivant who appreciates the pure taste of their beer. Gulpener beer is made with love for you to enjoy and to toast to life; to today, to tomorrow, to all the beautiful moments which are yet to come, to the Future, Cheers!

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jan-paul-ruttenJan Paul Rutten, the 8th generation beer brewer in the family shares his tune

Jan Paul Rutten from Mheer, born in Gulpen, aged 39, 8th generation beer brewer and director at Gulpener, married and 3 children; Doortje, Bram en Merel.


Enjoying a beer in the sun – Playing with my children – Having dinner with my wife Alice

Guest in Harry’s Talkshow May 22nd

Jan Paul is one of the guests in Harry’s upcoming talkshow Share your tune. More info via Facebook event.