Sublime FM

10339416_223980531145538_7293138831602665529_oYou might have noticed that Harry loves music. And he found a great partner with whom he shares this passion. Not only his love for music though, also the love for sustainable quality. This partner in tune is a radio station with a soul and is called Sublime FM. This is a young and fresh radio station which plays jazz, funk and lounge music. The station stands for originality and pureness.

“Buckshot Lefongue, I forgot about you for a while…. Sublime FM played your music two nights ago and you hushed me to sleep. Today I play your music loud again through my speakers. A sing along feast like in 1994.”

Whether you are at work, studying or simply relaxing everyone kind of has his or her own moment to enjoy music and get inspired by it. With a broad and positive view on the world Sublime FM offers fresh jazzy sounds and Sublime news in the field of innovation, sustainability, technology, economy and culture. Tune in at Sublime FM via cable, internet, your mobile app or the ether and ENJOY!

Jasper Leunk for Wall of tunes expo

Jasper Leunk, Manager brand & strategy @ Sublime FM, shared his tune for the exhibition Wall of tunes.

Jasper Leunk from Zeist, born in Woerden, aged 34, Manager brand & strategy @ Sublime FM, living together, 3 children, |


Recognizing the rush of a new situation is comforting right now and gives trust for new experiences. So before doing something new I just don’t get anxious but embrace the rush and just hang in there – Completely in tune