Production tank top by People Tree

We are very happy and honoured to work with People Tree, as the CEO and founder of this amazing UK based label Safia Minney is as much of an inspiration to us (The Harry team) as Harry was to Anna. She is our example in working in ethical fashion (one of the very important notes all three of us have in our tune!) as she has shown and sets a big example, that it is certainly possible to make changes in the fashion industry for the better in a positive way.

For every beautiful garment UK based label People Tree makes, there’s an equally beautiful change happening somewhere in the world.

This pioneer in the field of ethical fashion likes to think of it in terms of their little shoots-and-roots motif. People tree provides exclusive fashion – the shoots – while at the same time they work deep down through the roots, improving the lives and environment of the artisans and farmers in developing countries who work to produce it. It’s Fair Trade throughout. Simple.