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Report: Harry’s talkshow ‘Share your tune’ 2

Expectations were high after Harry’s first ‘Share your tune’ talk show and you could feel the excitement entering Harry’s Gallery Club last Thursday. The guests were welcomed with tunes of Amsterdam based DJ Daniel Zuur. And also during the talk show Daniel treated the public to a wicked live performance! When Daniel Zuur plays somewhere there is always ‘LIVE’ behind his name, “people don’t always get this” he explains.  ” I make  live compositions of music. During Harry’s ‘Share your tune’ talk show but also in clubs.”  Daniel’s tunes were  accompanied by cool organic beer by Gulpener and organic wine by Grab-a-Grape.

Harry’s Guests 

Like last time Simone Weimans (NOS) was Harry’s lovely host of the night and this time she ‘tuned in’ with DJ Daniel Zuur, Asceline Groot (ASN bank), Jan Paul Rutten (Gulpener) and Leonne van de Ven (De Wolven). During the day DJ and producer Daniel Zuur doesn’t sleep off his night’s debauch, at least not every day. This music lover and sharer is also a drama teacher. Asceline Groot, senior advisor communication at the ASN bank is also a writer and researcher. Jan Paul Rutten used to be a surgeon in Nepal until 2 years ago, when he decided to go back to the Netherlands and work for his family company Gulpener. Leonne van de Ven co-founded and runs her own PR company  De Wolven, which is based in Amsterdam’s most famous neighborhood the Jordaan.

The chat starts with the question how the guests ended up doing what they are doing today.


Jan Paul Rutten – Gulpener 

Starting with Jan Paul Rutten who went from surgeon to beer brewer.  “As Gulpener is a family company it has always been close to me” jan Paul explains. “But when I was young I didn’t want a future which was already set in Gulpen. So I decided to study surgery. Still I became closer to the brewery growing older. After years I realized I was actually attracted to two things, which I both love to do. In the end it was my wife who mentioned  that maybe I should start to re-think my future at the brewery. You should always choose what makes you the happiest”, Jan Paul Rutten continues. “ Right now I love my job at Gulpener. Of course I miss surgery but what I do now is so valuable and so much fun too. We have an amazing team and I work together with my sister which is really great.”

Simone asks Jan Paul what it is Gulpener means with ‘Puurzaam’, also the name of the company’s own magazine. He explains that this is a combination between sustainability and pureness and that both principles are rooted in the core values of the company, build on the vision of Jan Pauls’ father who ran the brewery before him. “When my father proclaimed the company should take more responsibility for the environment a long time ago at first his team was staring at him as if he was joking.  Their first question was, but will we sell more beer then? Still my father was able to convince his team and integrate these core values in the company and the beer which is Pure, honest and has a ‘True’ taste!”


Asceline Groot – ASN Bank 

On to Asceline from the ASN bank. This is THE bank of sustainability Simone explains and she asks Asceline what draw her interest in sustainability? “ Well, I worked at newspaper ‘Trouw’ where I initiated the ‘Ideals competition’ at the time. This initiative got a bit out of hand and I received so many great ideas from passionate people who wanted to start or started something out of idealism. The energy I felt just inspired me so much. And now with what I do at ASN I am involved in projects and work with people like this every day!.”

“You must be what they call an idealist?” Simone asks. “Yes I am”, Asceline says, what I would really like is for people to be a bit nicer to each other. I want everyone to be able to be who they really are, feel like they have their own place in the world and from here are able to do what makes them happy, what makes their hearts go boom! That is what makes me happy!”

Leonne van de Ven – de Wolven  

Leonne is rather her own boss so she can do things her way. “ As a woolf I make sure the companies I work for get media exposure. What makes my work special is that I work for projects which really make the world a bit better.” Before Leonne worked for a publishing house but she tells the audience she wasn’t very much in tune with her work there. “ Honestly at the moment I wouldn’t know what I’d rather do than that what I am doing now.”

10338343_226726434204281_4698529406892079877_nDaniel Zuur – Zauer records 

Daniel has always done something with music, and listened to ‘that electronic’ sound as he explains. When I was fifteen I started producing. But I studied drama. “Why drama and not a music education?” Simone asks him. Daniel explains that he didn’t see himself as a drummer. “And I really liked the social aspect of being a drama teacher. At the moment I work at a primary school in The Hague on a language-stimulating project with children who have a difficult background.” “That sure is something different than being a DJ”. Simone concludes. “As a DJ you are a true rockstar nowadays”.  “Well I don’t see it that way” Daniel says. “ I am a bit to sober or maybe modest for that” while he treats the public to his ‘well known rockstar’ smile.“ Is see music as something you can give, like I see theatre. But of course it’s great to get back that people like your music.” Daniel started his record label Zauer records after winning a price for a very difficult track. “Zauer records is a platform to support my own music but also that of others, specifically music which is just a bit different than what is commercial.”

Professional tune advice

Simone wonders what advice Harry’s guests would give to people who haven’t found certain ‘professional’ notes in their tune just yet?

Daniel reckons that a steady base is important but that it is also really important to do things that give you energy and inspire you.

Leonne’s advice is to do stuff that makes you happy.

Asceline argues that lots of young people dream about what a job should look like, but it might take 3 or 4 jobs before you have found the right one. Her advice is to start working and keep learning.“I’d recommend a combination between a bit of the practical and a bit of the idealistic”

Jan Paul sees that people tend to run after a certain target, which maybe doesn’t really suit them, their tune. “I believe that what you should be doing is already within you, so the most important thing I would recommend is to really look inside.”

Simone captures this nicely as: “Listen to the tune, which is already playing inside of you.”


Personal notes 

Obviously all of the guest choose  a profession close to their tune. But  that’s just one of the notes in their tune so Simone continues to chat with Harry’s guests about other important aspects in their lives, which make them feel in tune.

Jan Paul enjoys being at home with his wife and children, looking over the meadows in Gulpen, enjoying a beer. “But also moments like I had this this afternoon, when I was at new café called the Ceuvel in Amsterdam North, such a great place and I had a meeting with like minded people – that also makes this day a happy one”. Asceline is in tune when she gets to sleep in on Sunday morning and when she’s laughing about silly jokes with her girlfriends, about children who refuse to eat and stuff like that. “I really enjoy being around honest people. People who also talk about the moments they aren’t in tune for example.” Leonne seems to be a beach comber. “I could write a book about combing the beach… well Asceline maybe, I’m not a writer” she adds. Apparently there are some more beachcombers in the room as the public starts sharing ‘beachcomb’ experiences instantly. Leonne also really enjoys coffee in the morning, on a terrace with the sun in my face. “And dancing! That’s an important part of my tune too, from classic to modern.” Daniel really enjoys the moments spontaneous things happen. Like on a night when I end up going from one party to another and I think, this is going to be a long night…. “ But I am also very much in tune when I am at home creating DJ sets, mixing music. ” “Who do you listen to, to feel in tune?” Simone asks him. “I listen to electronic music but also songwriters like Bon Iver and Eefje de Visser.”

And what happens when you’re out of tune? How do you get back in your own rhythm?

Jan Paul has the solution for everyone because there is always beer! The laughter from the audience might indicate that some people do use beer to get in tune sometimes.“It does depend on the moment” Jan Paul adds. “I am pretty good in concentrating on other things, the things that do make me feel in tune, like doing stuff with my kids or with friends.” The only thing that helps Asceline to get back in tune when she really can’t get over something negative is to go and sit in her car and sing along with whatever music, out loud that is! Leonne dances her worries away. “ I can stay angry for a long time, but I’ve learned to reduce this period because it’s such a waste of time and energy and the only person who suffers from it is you.”

The talk show ended with an interesting thought, Asceline shared arising from a question from the audience. Asceline learned to project the way things work in science in regards to taking time to properly research stuff on your life. “In science, everything done in a rush  is a failure in advance. Taking this thought along in your daily life might just take the rushed edges off things.”


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