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Report: Harry’s talkshow; ‘Share your tune’

Hidden in the back of the Charlie + Mary conceptstore in de Pijp in Amsterdam is Harry’s Gallery Club. Last Thursday the first ‘Share Your tune’ talk show took place in this jazzy venue.

Why? Because Harry believes that people in tune take better care of the world around them, and therefore the brand hopes to inspire people from all over the world to find their tune. Hearing others talk about their tune can bring one closer to finding their tune. During the night Yinske Silva and Elliot Muusses treated the visitors of Harry’s Gallery Club on beautiful jazzy tunes. This intimate mini concert gave the night a speak-easy feel.


The lovely host Simone Weimans (NOS) had an in depth chat with some amazing guests who were happy to share their tune; Anneloes van Gaalen (Indie Brands), Sander Oudkerk (AmsterdamFM), Yinske Silva (singer & coach) and Antoine Peters (fashion designer). All of these guests seem to have chosen a profession which suits their own personality, so Harry was curious to know whether their work is an important note in their tune and with which other notes these guests balance out their hard work.


Most of us know Anneloes van Gaalen from her book Indie brands and the events she organizes around it, like the Local Goods Market in the Hallen during Easter. She does a lot more, which made people asking her about her job at parties un-easy sometimes she explained, so she narrowed it down a bit; Everything she does has something to do with the written word. Yinske’s work as voice coach and singer is more about the spoken or sung word. ‘The expression of oneself’ she adds. Also Sander is passionate about words, not only does he present several radio shows, he also is a stand-up comedian and has a blog about words. But he is also a logical brain cruncher and works as an advisor in the field of data protection at the same time. Antoine Peters is a known Dutch fashion designer. He loves working in fashion because it is one of the most interdisciplinary professions out there. When Simone asks him if fashion and design is his true passion he answers; ‘Yes definitely, if this wasn’t the case it would be a hell lot of work’.

As Yinske seems to coach people in finding their tune Simone asks her: ‘You must be very much in balance then yourself?’ Well Yinske knows how to find her balance. ‘With the help of music for example, she says. Singing a song can help me reset.’ Simone goes back to Anneloes and asks her how she got in the place she is now? She replies that she wanted to do something she actually enjoys doing. She has worked at the American Embassy but one day realised she wanted to write something that stays there forever, books. ‘And it did paint quite a romantic picture in my head to see myself in a kiosk window I have to admit’ she adds. Sander has come from a very different background before he was doing what he does now. He studied maths, although he found archaeology and theatre very interesting as well. Maths seemed a more sensible choice back then. ‘I guess when you are young you are more likely to follow a path because you think it should be followed and maybe even a bit afraid to do something completely different.’


Naturally the guests have start using their own word for being in tune, which is being ‘in sync’. So Sander continues with the words; “This results in living in a certain way while thinking about things differently. This takes you out of ‘sync’.” I was a security expert and for a long time I have thought in terms of OR/OR but later I discovered AND/AND is an option too. I started to write a blog and was invited to be a guest in a radio show to talk about this blog, then I took over the radio show. And I started to do comedy. Later I quit my job and now they hire me back but three days a week maximum. Although it sounded simple and light Sander also shared that he had not been in sync for a long time before being able to make all these decisions and be happy again. ‘Now I am a brain cruncher and someone who makes jokes. To be even more in sync a little bit less working hours would be nice but I am not complaining because I can do everything that makes me happy.’


Back to Antoine who seems perfectly happy and relaxed working in fashion. Simone asks him what is so attractive about working in fashion to him? Two things he answers. ‘One is the very big gestures; the statement pieces to communicate with but the other thing is when I see my pieces being worn. There is no bigger compliment than seeing someone wearing the dress, shoes or bag you designed.’ ‘Fashion is about optimism, it should be a party’, Antoine continues. I am a true optimist and I want to spread optimism through my designs. No wonder Antoine’s logo is a stitched smiley face shape. Such an optimistic person like you must be in sync, Simone concludes. “Well from a creative perspective I am always way out of sync.” Antoine replies. “The problem is that I always want to go to fast, I should take some more time for things sometimes. I just have way to many boxes full of inspiration.”  What is your tune then Antoine? Simone asks. ‘Luckily I have a note to peek because there are so many notes in my tune’. Cats! Cats are just awesome! Music by spinvis, and..


(Drinks were on Gulpener and Grab a Grape (wine with a soul) THANKS!! )

Before Antoine gets the chance to continue his long list of happy moments Simone asks Anneloes about her tune. What Anneloes points out is that she isn’t in tune with herself the whole day but that this is oke. “It’s about the little moments of happiness I think. One of mine is dancing in the living room with my husband and child for example; to Paul Simon, Motown, soul.”

Yinske wonders whether it should always be the beautiful quiet moments of happiness. “Because I have a few which are less quiet too. I have recently moved for example. It was a tremendous and exhausting job. You can go two ways from there I guess. Collapse on the stairs and feel miserable or decide to go for it.” I enjoy being so soaked by the rain that you can’t get any more soaked.” “Really” asks Simone, “mine is the visualization of being dry again.” The ladies are joking around but what Yinske means is that everything can taste sweet but you have to be able to see it that way.

One of Sander’s notes is whishing a stranger a nice day. This one he has in common with Antoine. “We can say the Americans are over the top but I think it can really make your day if people are simply friendly to each other.”

Before closing this subject Antoine shares a few more notes on his long tune list. “I love taking an audio tour in a museum by myself and rain against the window when I go to sleep.”

The talk ends with the thoughts on what our guests think helps by finding your tune.

Sander: “Think in AND/AND in stead of OR/OR”

Anneloes: “Be oke with the fact that you can be out of tune as well sometimes. Your tune now can be different than your tune in a while from now. Always be open to add a few more notes.”

Yinske: “See the long lines.”

Antoine: “I thinks this quote, which I have hanging on my kitchen wall, captures it all”: “U see and ask why but I dream and ask why not? “

Written by Marieke Vinck