Roel is tuning in Vietnam

Harry spotted Roel Fooij on Facebook wearing his Harry tank top while tuning in to Vietnam for a month. We asked him how he was doing and if he liked to share his tune with us. Roel wrote us back with a beautiful poetic story about sensing this country, exploring its tastes and trying to grasp the soul of its people.

Roel Fooij Beach Harry colour

Roel Fooij Harry7

The Vietnamese have fought so hard for their freedom that’s why I made the picture of the loose chain together with the Lotusleaf, seedsteal and flower. The Lotus is a perfect icon for this country and pivotal in Buddhism first because it grows in the mud representant our dark side and misery. As the source of our liberation and since it it carries seeds and flower at the same time (cause and effect) thus demonstrating the potential perfection of every being.

Roel Fooij Harry5

The avocado’s represent the abundance of crop here making the country in to a vegetarians heaven.

Roel Fooij Harry8

The moped last but not least is omnipresent here it feels like each of the 90.000.000 people here drives one! Nonetheless we risked our Harry live doing Everything by bike!

Roel Fooij Harry4