‘Wall of tunes’ at Dutch Design Week

Having a cup of tea in a clean bed, dancing with my boyfriend in our living room and listening to music from the 50’s and 60’s.  These are just a few beautiful notes people shared with the label Harry, for the ‘WALL OF TUNES’ exhibition. The photography exhibition ‘WALL OF TUNES’ portraits people from different backgrounds and ages who share ‘their tune’, and will be travelling to Eindhoven for the Dutch Design Week (18-26th October). The portraits are made by photographer Dim Balsem.

Harry’s WALL OF TUNES exhibition will be hosted by the awesome new concept store Koos72. This beautiful shop, which stocks our favourite true fashion labels (including Harry!) is located in Eindhoven’s Urban shopper Walhalla. This old factory hall from Philips is now home to twenty unique shops.

Harry inspires people from all over the world to find their tune. A tune is a collection of moments in your life which make you feel happy and relaxed. Harry believes that positive change starts with people who stay true to their own tune. By being true to yourself and taking good care of yourself you are also better able to take care of the world around you.

More portraits and tunes of the ‘Wall of tunes’ exhibition will be present in Eindhoven’s famous building of glass, ‘the Blob’, in the Sissy-Boy shop. In November the travelling exhibition will be back in Harry’s hometown Amsterdam, where you can visit the ‘WALL OF TUNES’ at Athenaeum between November 11th and 17th.