When Harry met Abel

Almost a year ago to the date, we met the people behind Amsterdam perfume house Abel, whose 100% organic perfumes are literally good enough to eat! Unable to find a perfume that smelt and looked great, Amsterdam based New Zealander Frances Schoemack (with the help of her husband Dave) decided to create one.

To celebrate #organicseptember, Abel and Harry meet again!

“Working with organic ingredients is a core part of who we are”, says Frances Shoemack, Founder of Abel. “Every single ingredient in our perfume is independently certified as organic. We choose to declare all the ingredients on our labels and our website (very rare in this industry) as we feel you have as much right to know what ingredients are being used in your beauty products, as you do in your food.”

#organicseptember and #campaign4clarity are two initiatives by the UK Soil Association.  Both initiatives are aimed at encouraging people to think more about what they buy and make small changes to their purchase decisions that have a positive effect on people, animal welfare and the environment.

In particular, #campaign4clarity addresses the lack of labelling requirements in what is a very murky beauty industry. An industry where the terms ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ can be used on a product with as little as 1% natural or organically certified ingredients.

Abel and Harry are a natural fit. “Harry is all about ‘finding your tune’, and we are all about enjoying daily indulgences without the negative impact. Together, I hope we can encourage more people to find their tune, in-tune, with nature!” said Shoemack.

Purchase a bottle of Abel perfume and receive a unisex Harry tank with your order. Offer runs Friday 18th to Sunday 27th August, exclusively at AbelOrganics.com.